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The island of Solta is situated northern of the island of Brac. Among the central Dalmatian islands it is the least developed tourist island so that in addition to the apartment complex in Nečujam there are no accommodation in hotels. Solta is ideal for people seeking peace and quiet, swimming, pure nature without large crowds. It is about an hour from Split, with ferry, which comes several times a day in Rogac. Solta is a typical example of Mediterranean that is slowly disappearing; small fishing villages, olive groves and vineyards, pine forests... Larger settlements on the island are Maslinica, Rogač, Nečujam, Stomorska and Grohote which is in the center of the island, there are Gornje, Donje and Srednje selo also in the interior of Solta. Complete winter population on Solta is about 1500. Maslinica is located west on the island, dominated by the bay in which it lies and seven islands directly in front of the place. If you want a place to swim and enjoy your intimacy then Maslenica and the bays surrounding it are ideal for you. Rogac is the traffic center of the island, with its ferry port, and a petrol station. There is a pebble beach in Rogac, Banja but the tourists prefer swimming on the nearby rocks, where they can find intimacy and crystal clear sea. In the next bay to the south there is Necujam, a small tourist resort with the most tourist attractions on the island. There is also the largest beach on the island of Solta there,and a holiday village, outdoor pool and other facilities. A little southern there is Stomorska, also a tourist resort with numerous attractions, pebble beach and numerous bars and restaurants. Solta is an oasis of peace and quiet, ideal for family holidays. If you are staying on the island of Solta, visit Necujam and Rogac. From here you can easily visit Hvar, Stari Grad and Jelsa, as well as Vis and Komiza. If your staying allows you, go on a trip to Omis and Duce.  Rogac is the traffic center of the island so you can rent a boat in marina Rogac Solta.

Solta - Necujam
Solta - Necujam
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