The youngest village of the island, founded by building summer houses but also by planned hotel building, Nečujam is the largest and according to some the most beautiful cove of the island. It is the center of the island’s tourism and with its apartment village it offers a pleasant holiday to different types of tourists and a lot of them are traditional visitors for decades.

The coves of Nečujam (Pi‘kera, Maslinica, Podkamenica, Šumpljivina and Tiha) are a great potential for development of nautical and day-trip tourism. It is known that the first visitors who felt the beauty of Nečujam were Marko Marulić, the father of Croatian literature, and Petar Hektorović, a poet and a writer. Even the emperor Diocletian knew about the quality of the local seas of Šolta and he had his fishery in Nečujam. The Latin name of this place is Vallis Surda – deaf cove, because of its size. Namely, the cove of Nečujam is one of the larger on Šolta so most of the sounds get lost in it. The best example for that is the fact that when you come by boat to Nečujam at night hours, you can hear the sound from the disco-club only when you reach the shore.

This kind of natural characteristic was obviously appreciated by great artists as Marulić and Hektorović who right here found inspiration for their works of art. In today’s archeological localities can be found the traces of ancient life. In the cove of Piskera the remains of Roman farm building were found, while in the surroundings were found graves, some pottery and money. Under the sea we can see the remains of the walls by which the cove was enclosed and turned into a fishery. The remains of Roman necropolis were found in the vicinity and also near the cove of Supetar.

Today Nečujam is a modern tourist village that is during season connected to Split a few times a day. The ferry lands twice a week and it is connected to other parts of the island by bus and taxi lines. Nečujam is the center of Šolta’s tourism for the very reason of the apartment village that is a part of it.

The beach in Nečujam is the largest on the whole island. It was artificially pebbled (according to the research small pebbles are the best to lay the beach with). The beach is regularly maintained and cleaned and there are also showers, two beach buffets, water slide, rent-a-boat, fast-food, tennis courts, and table tennis.